Shad - a 5e Planescape race

People of the Planes: Shad – a 5e Planescape Race

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Sorry, I’ve been busy much of this summer spending time with my family (my oldest is heading off to college *sniffle* *sniffle*) as well as working on some more in depth material. But, to get this going again, I thought I’d share my 5e version of the Shad.

They were a minor race that appeared in the Inner Planes focused Planescape Monstrous Compendium Volume 3, the Inner Planes book, as well as an NPC in Tales of the Infinite Staircase. What really sold me on them was Tony DiTerlizzi’s artwork (awesome as always!). I included them in the Third Edition Planescape Campaign Setting as a standard PC race.

When I thought about converting them to 5e, there was always some odd issues with them that I wanted to take head on. For one thing, they are described as wiry and able to fit into small spaces, but the artwork didn’t quite fit that. Plus they vary from Small to Medium, and the text refers to confusion of whether they are plant, insect, or earthen creatures.

So there’s a lot of confusion and little detail around them, but I figured that’s a great space to explore then! So that inspired by take on them for 5e where I decided all of the above are true and ran with that! Please feel free to provide any feedback on how to improve them and if anything isn’t clear. Thanks!

Shad – A 5e Planescape Race (pdf)